Policies at Muteesa I Royal University must be approved by the university Council, the top most decision making body at the university before they can become effective. Below are some of the approved policies and guidelines organised by different category. These may contain other important information or links to related documents. Policies categories

1. Academic Policy
2. Assessment Policy
3. Benchmarking Policy
4. Code of Professional Ethics
5. Communication Policy
6. Curriculum development policy
7. Disaster MGT Policy
8. Equity & Diversity Policy
9. Examination Policy
10. Flexible Learning Policy
11. Quality Assurance Policy
12. Research Policy
13. Social Responsibility Policy
14. Staff development policy
15. Teaching and learning Policies
16. Transport Policy
17     Audit Policy Approved
18     Council Policy Approved
19     Financial, Accounting and Procurement Policy Approved
20     List of Council Policies
21     Risk Management Policy Approved


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