Muteesa I Royal University Online Application Procedure, on all advertised Academic

One should take note of the following

Visit our website


2.      Go to admissions

3.      Select online application 

4.      A window with application form will open

5.      Click on left button to get an access code

6.      Fill the form with your email address and names

7.      An access code will be sent to your email address

8.      Copy the access code from your email and fill it in the form at the right-hand side with your email.

9.      Press next

10.  An application form will be opened

11.  Fill the application form with the required information

12.  Press submit

13.  zee pay reference number provided

14.  a candidate will have to pay an application fee in the bank using a reference number provided

15.  A candidate is expected to pay 40,000/- for application fee

16.  On the reporting day, a candidate will have to provide all the academic documents 

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