Department of Development Studies

The notion of Development Studies, a professional programme in its own identity, was solidified as an international discipline in 1930s. The modern idea of Development Studies emerged in the 21st Century, influenced by conventional shortcomings in understanding the corpus totality of Development processes. The 21st dynamic changes including; social, economic, political, cultural and environmental had far reaching ramifications for poverty, social harmony, economic growth, political stability which quests for a renegotiation for sustainable human development. These challenges have brought about renewed interest in a deeper multi-disciplinary interrogations opening up space for a holistic development and the need to cover increasing gaps in appropriate policies and processes necessary for promotion of equitable and sustainable development. Development Studies has been holding a central place in official, academic and popular discourses about development, democracy and governance in the world. As such, a comprehensive and representative understanding of the role and significance of Development Studies continues to be a major gap particularly in the context of developing countries. The need for such capabilities for development planners and practitioners in the developing countries can best be imparted through a well packaged Degree course in Development Studies in such a ‘Royal’ Muteesa 1Royal University.


There is an increasing need for development demands to train a critical human resource with context specific capabilities specifically tailored to a better understanding of development challenges in all aspects of developing countries. There has been an overwhelming demand for this degree programme in Development Studies by development organisations like, Non Government Organisations, Community Based Organisations, Government Departments, and Individual interested students. This Degree reflects areas that are on critical demand by the public and Development Partners as indicated in table one (1).


Building local Capacity and strengthening people’s potential to be able to come up with solutions to the many community, and national development challenges, through effective planning and management of development oriented programs.


Our mission is to offer qualitative and innovative education to our clients using research oriented  programmes so as to prepare holistic students with spiritual, cultural as well as sound academic values.

 Expected Outcomes

He products from this course will be able to act as facilitators to not only men, women, and youth but also children by enabling them to have access to the various basic social services to be able to satisfy their basic needs for sustainable livelihood.

The graduates of this degree in development studies will enable the disadvantaged and vulnerable members of society especially in rural areas to diversify their economic situation and improve their livelihoods in a sustainable manner.

The graduates will be able to train men and women at community and national levels in community based approaches to bring about sustainable and equitable development in Uganda and the world at large.

Those to graduate with a degree in Development studies  of Mutesa 1 Royal University will be able to  carry out community mobilization and sensitization of the various communities where development work takes place to empower communities with information which is a pre-liquisite for fostering  national development .  

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