Department of Social Work & Social Administration

Social Work and Social Administration is one of the undergraduate programme in the Faculty of Social Culture and Development Studies. Professional Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration (BA. SWSA) puts emphasis on education for professional social service design, delivery and system change.

Mission of the BSWSA programme

A transformed society of competent and self sustaining groups of social work practitioners who are able to enhance the wellbeing of communities especially the vulnerable, oppressed and the poor.


To produce Social Work practitioners who can influence policy change and development at local, national and international levels through research and information dissemination

The Major Objective

1.2.1 The major objective of the BSWSA programme is to enable participating students to acquire broad knowledge and skills required for effective service delivery.

Specific objectives

To produce graduates who are able to recognize and address the barriers to service delivery

To develop abilities required to undertake research in areas of social work practice

Toequip students with knowledge and skills to prepare for and respond to traumatic events and disasters


Description of the BSWSA programme

The BSWSA course is a three year programme of professional education in social work practice. The social work programme consists of both theoretical and practical components. The theoretical component involves the study of relevant theories and issues in the perceptive of human needs and problems and the social work intervention strategies and social programme that have been designed in response, together with critiques of these theories and programmes.

The practical component consists of carefully supervised fieldwork placement which serves as context in which students can integrate theory and practice as part of their learning experience. With the framework of International Association of Schools of  Social Work (IASSW) and International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) standards, the fieldwork practicum constitutes 30% of the training time.

 Admission to BSWSA programme

To be admitted to the BSWSA programme the candidate is required to satisfy the general university requirements for admission to a degree programme. (2 Principle passes the relevant subjects at ‘A’ level)

Career Opportunities
1. Probation Officer
2. Warden
3. Project Manager
4. Social Support Personnel
1. Researcher
2. Lecturer
3. Advocacy Agent

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