Department of Tourism and Hotel Management.

Tourism being one of the fastest growing industries in the world, the sector still lacks a qualified human resource base to handle this increasing influx of visitors. Therefore this program has been designed to suit the high demand of tourism professionals to provide quality services in the sector.


The increasing growth of the tourism industry demands to train professionals, a high degree of professionalism in the hospitality field. This it calls for training guides, rangers, personnel’s managers, , professional drivers plus many in this discipline because of the increasing importance of the tourism and travel industry in Uganda. The program is for people who are passionate about making customers happy and who love marketing and promotion tourism products to intending participants who are energetic and creative to help people have a great time at resorts, hotels and other attractions?

 Our Vision

To become the premier tourism school of knowledge and excellence in producing graduates who are capable of injecting innovative ideas and practice into the tourism business world, in a bid to promote local and international visibility and leadership in tourism related research, teaching and training, to facilitate the expansion and development of tourism industry in Uganda.

 Our Mission

The mission is three-fold, and as the premier tourism school in Uganda, Muteesa I Royal University will achieve its vision by the following actions:


Providing equal opportunity for all Ugandans while maintaining an affordable, high quality education;

 Providing relevant programmes of study which emphasize a greater focus on higher education and professional studies;

Expanding its advantages to become the leading institution in linking tourism programmes to development needs in Uganda through education, collaboration and partnerships;

 Enhancing the cultural and environmental aspects in the promotion of education on domestic and international tourism within the framework of sustainability.

 Overall goal;

The overall goal of the programmes is to provide students with knowledge, skills and appropriate attitudes in tourism management. This will enable them to effectively participate in the development of tourism as and academic discipline and to improve the standards of management in the tourism industry. In the end, this will offer our students great career opportunities that would assist them in finding suitable industry placements (internships) which are an integral part of their studies.

 Programme objectives

Provide integrated training programmes, which are relevant, rigorous and consistent with the best tourism practice and social responsibility.

Provide students with appropriate knowledge, skills and competencies in strategic tourism planning, hospitability services marketing, and management of tourism enterprises.

Provide students with appropriate knowledge, skills and competencies that will enable them to integrate various parameters (i.e Social, Cultural, economic, environmental, technological and political parameters) in planning, organizing and managing the tourism industry.

Provide students with appropriate knowledge, skills and competencies in tourism product development, tourism service deliver and tourism marketing and promotion while continuing to promote moral integrity, traditional values and culture.

Guide students towards developing appropriate research methods and communication skills in the promotion of quality tourism including aspects of travel and hospitality services management, strategic approaches to tourism marketing, analysis of performance indicators, and best practice in national and international tourism development.

To deliver professional development learning experiences so compelling and personal, that we transform people in ways that enrich them for a time.

To provide a sustainable academic program designed for our students to secure an early level position heading towards leadership, managerial and entrepreneurial as well as pioneering roles in tourism and hospitality.

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