The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering was established in 2007 under the factuality of information Technology in a bid to train more manpower in Computer & Software Engineering. Computer has become a primary tool in all professional fields. Needless to say those computers have made it possible to execute tasks efficiently and much faster than earlier experienced. It is therefore with the aforesaid in mind that the department endeavors develop skills and manpower in Electrical & Electronics Engineering by producing competent Electrical & Electronics Engineering graduates who are locally and internationally recognized. This is in line with the realization of the government vision of 2030 and the millennium development goals.

The vision of Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering is to develop manpower in the fields of, Electrical & Electronics Engineering by providing excellent training teaching and research at both undergraduates thus contributing to the development of the country’s Electrical &Electronics

The objectives of the Department are to:

  • Promote high standards in training, teaching and research
  • Education and training areas in Electrical & Electronics Engineering.
  • To provide Professional skills in research, design and development of technologies in the field of Electrical & Electronics Engineering at Undergraduate levels.
  • To produce engineers who are professionally recognized in their areas of specialization


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