Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Muteesa 1 royal University. Our mission is to provide quality education, conduct strong research, foster close partnership with industry and government, and provide related service to the campus community and the community at large. The mission is guided by a commitment to continuous improvement in the overall quality of teaching, research, and service, while adhering to the highest standard
We offer excellent educational opportunities to students seeking a challenging environment to pursue research in the broad discipline of Mechanical Engineering leading to degrees. Our faculty members have an outstanding track record in mentoring undergraduate students in their research laboratories.
Our curriculum leading to Mechanical Engineering is unique in engaging our students with our faculty through all years of study. Commencing with an introduction to mechanical engineering freshman course, students learn the fundamentals of modern engineering computing tools. Gain hands on experience in measurement science, apply basic principles of solid mechanics, materials science, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer in work shop and utilize modern engineering design principles and tools to complete a capstone design project in the coming years.

To provide world-class under-graduate and graduate engineering education in Mechanical Engineering, with sufficient scope to include the basic and specialized engineering training to meet the current and emerging needs of the society.

To prepare the students for successful engineering career by inculcating the leadership qualities to encourage entrepreneurship and the professional and ethical responsibilities for the betterment of the society with a respect for diversity of opinion and culture.

Finally, the department fosters and disseminates the technology through publications and providing technical expertise and training to the University.

As a department in a vibrant institution, we will

Be a premier choice for the talented, prospective students

Be recognized by employers and our alumni as a source of outstanding engineers, entrepreneurs and leaders.

Foster a culture dedicated to learning and discovery and be known as a world-class center of innovation Foster a culture dedicated to learning and discovery and be known as a world-class center of innovation.

Design quality under-graduate and graduate mechanical engineering curricula to provide opportunities for students to learn fundamental and advanced technologies will sufficient practical knowledge such that they attain a strong competitive advantage.

Develop research programmers with and without support from external funding that enable the department to achieve and maintain national prominence and that are important to the economy of the country.

Achieve and sustain the maximum accreditation from certifying bodies like NBA, ISO etc.,

Demonstrate and disseminate the research results through publications, presentations, projects and thesis.

Create a sense of pride and desire among alumni to support the department through alumni associate.

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