Message from the Dean

Dean SWASAWelcome to the Faculty of Social, Culture and Development Studies, The Faculty of Social, Culture and Development Studies is committed to deliver the best educational experience to our students. Most teaching focuses on current issues or debates under politics, economics, gender, human rights and the natural environment. We are intellectually innovative in the mode of teaching and practicum. Our fundamental aim is the production of graduates that are able to make a positive contribution to the communities especially addressing the question of economic impoverishment in third world countries . Our students are engaged in community outreach programmes conducted through intensive field work and internship. Students and Faculty are highly committed to achieve both intellectual, moral and psycho-motor principles that govern any world class university. Through collective participation, cooperation and the quest for excellence; staff and students in the Faculty of Social, Culture and Development Studies are obligated to ensure quality and productivity in the disciplines offered. They are also strongly focused to link theory and practicum to community imperatives as the best medium of implementing a community-driven curriculum for sustainable development. This societal-driven philosophy that the Faculty preaches is meant to galvanize the notion of education for national building and citizenship development.


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