Every year, we receive thousands of quiries from school leavers on the various programmes they can undertake at University and tertiary institutions. Whereas a few of them seem to have reasonable knowledge on post-secondary training, there are numerous students who lack basic but critical information on the foundations of career planning and choice. We often come across students who insist on studying for a course where they clearly lack basic foundation in academic and attitude preparation. Indeed, there are cases where students have enrolled in certain programmes but later on discover they lack interest in the particular field. The challenges and career opportunities discussed in this Guide are not only confined within Uganda and the East African universities and tertiary institutions but are also global in nature.
This easy-to-read, do-it-yourself Career Information Guide is intended to answer key questions in career planning and eventual choice.
The guide will, therefore, address such crucial questions as what is a career, career types, factors that influence career choice and the various career fields to choose from. It will also sensitize the students on the subject requirements for specific career fields. From the enquiries we receive, it has also emerged that over time, some misconceptions have come to surround certain issues related to careers.

10 easy Career Guide Steps

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