Research at Muteesa I Royal University

Since the beginning of the 2007, Muteesa I Royal university has engaged in Academic and community research at all levels focusing on the research Agenda designed by the Faculties and University Council. By the end of 2012, Muteesa I royal university had invested in a research Journal which published numerous research articles compiled in two research journals. Mru research journal Volume 1, and Volume 2.

International Research

Mutesa I Royal University has engaged its very best academia in international research through collaborative investigations and partnerships, most notably are:

  1. Mr. Kyagulanyi collaborated with ………to publish an article in the ………journal.
  2. Mr. Waswa Hannington collaborated with ……….to publish an article in the ……journal.
  3. Me. Musisi Fredie Kamoga collaborated with …… publish an article in the …….journal.
  4. Mrs. Aisha Jjagwe collaborated with …………………to publish an article the ……journal.

Despite numerous efforts to engage in international research, MRU has ha a challenging experience since it has operating on a limited research fund and further international demands and criteria has been tedious in lieu of the prevailing budget constrains at the University. However, individual Faculties are making strides towards improving research engagement ate international level.

Community Research

Mru has improved its community service through community research in local areas which have been indentified by Faculties.

  1. The Rakai DATIK (in full………) has been a key research achievement for MRU where numerous agricultural based courses and engagements have been created through research about what farmers need as knowledge and skills to advance their farming skills.
  2. The market vendors and operators skills improvement has been important in advancing certificates in business skills, through research in what limitations do ordinary business men and women need to advance effective business operations, MRU was able to find the best skills for the best business solutions for the community.
  3. The newly created in-service centers were a result of community research into the need to create advanced teaching and learning skills through what is commonly known as upgrading. It was established through research, that Primary and secondary school teachers need better skills and attainment of higher learning levels to be able to meet curriculum requirements of teaching instruction for learners, as a result, the community in-service programs were started at the Faculty of Education.                                                                                                                                                       

Local research

Mru as an academic institution has made recognizable strides towards inclusive, practical and advanced local research, grown, natured and published in the university community.

  1. Faculty of Education: in the Faculty of Education students and Lecturers did find it necessary through research that, the historical dimensions of their own learning and teaching materials were fading off the scene of History. As a result, the Oral documentation center was founded.   
  2. Faculty of science: In the faculty of science, the chicken feeder research, the electricity research and camera navigations systems researches were great innovations that were further exhibited at NCHE exhibition lat year (2013) and thus caught a lot of attention.


  1. MRU‘s research department and Faculty units are not fully functional, hence limiting the extent to which they can enhance research agendas. More efforts, in terms of capacity, personnel and international support is still desired.
  2.  Research financing is at large a critical ingredient into advancing research at MRU. The small income envelope dictates little or few resources committed to research at MRU and as a result, it is difficult to have a robust indulgence into research by learners and lecturers.


  1. A deliberate move to allocate more funds into research is needed, through budget allocations, donor support and collaborations. In this way, each Faculty shall have the research deliverable invested in.
  2. Development and support of the grants and resource mobilization center is steadily taking shape at MRU, however a lot remains desired. This unit should lead the way into fundable projects and hence income creation for research funding into topical and ongoing projects.
  3. Mru has developed a research policy which should be key in producing direction for research agenda, processes, privileges and boundaries through which research in developed and natured in an Academic environment.
  4. International and national collaborations into research partnerships are needed for the advancement of research at MRU. Since inception efforts into this have been steady although slow, the new wave of focus directs into accelerated collaborations where: i-Wiscosin University collaboration partnership was signed, ii- …….is underway.  Iii-  …… also in the final stages.
  5. The strategic plan of MRU has directed the long term focus of the research agenda and activities, which needs to be followed through. The importance of this is to provide a long term plan for research at MRU and Further provide financial planning for the activities indentified.

It is believed that under this spectrum, MRU is steadily becoming a power house in research by 2018.


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