The Oral Documentation Centre, also referred to as Mutebi II Cultural and Heritage Center, is a research based unit in the faculty of Education under the Department of Research, emphasizes oral research in all disciplines at Muteesa I Royal University. The main aim for the center is to promote oral research in various disciplines of History, Art and Traditional Medicine

The  ODRC as commonly known, became fully operational, in 2013 after acqquiring a functional room, a computer, a camera and an audio recorder, courtesy of the Office of the Ag. Vice Chancellor.

Objectives of the center.

Ø  To Make MRU a one stop Centre for all cultural research in Uganda, and across its boarders. This will be achieved by preserving Ugandan's cultural history and beyond which is a prime factor for cultivating and sustaining the advancement of scholarly cultural research.

Ø  To set up a state of the art Museum, and an archieval section which will act as a collection center for pictorials and artefacts, with the intetion to illustrate the rich history of the university, Buganda, Uganda and beyond, open to both the students and the public.

Ø  To establish and operate a state of the art audio-visual center for film, production, this will involve recording oral interviews, viewing and making Documentary films among others. This will act as one of the ways of preserving and show casing Uganda’s cultural heritage electronically.

Ø  To create a medicinal Herbal Research Centre intended to preserve the history and prescription of our own traditional medicines.

Ø  To equip learners with skills of oral research through collecting, preserving and disseminating information both at the University and the Public in the disciplines of medicinal herbs, ecology, anthropology and others.



Head Of Department

The Head of Department, Oral Documentation and Research Center, in the faculty of Education monitors all research related activities in the faculty.

The H.O.D supervises and administers all activities under taken within the center. His main responsibility is to ensure that the centre is fully operatinal and also lobby for its growth and development  with the support from all stake holders.

Technical Personel

A technical person deals with all audio-visual related work at the center. Some of these include recording, filming and editing oral data. Currently the centre operates by hiring a technical person wherever there is an urgent need.


A reseacher is tasked to identify viable research areas as well as conducting all research related works at the centre.

Research Assistants

The responsibilities of Research Assistants is to liase with the researcher during the on going process of any research project to be under taken.

Achievements for the last two years

·         For the past two years the center has been able an Oral Research Project for year one students offering History. Students were tasked to interview at least two people, record and analyze their voice data and then, transcribe it. This innovation empowered our year one students with not only skills of oral research but also with a new experience of using audio- visual gadgets.

·         The Centre in conjunction with the Buganda Government, produced its twenty minutes Documentary titled Maintaining Natural and Cultural Heritage of Buganda. It depicts the evolution of Buganda Kingdom, organization, achievements and challenges. The film was showcased at Ethno Biology Congress in East Asia.

·          The same Documentary was presented to National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) which highly appreciated the quality of it and innovation of the University in the fields of research.

·         The center has already established an electronic archival section of the University,  where collections of historical writings, pictures, video clips both current and the past is on going. Much of such classified materials about Uganda's colonial history has been collected and kept at the center. 

·         In order to attain more expertise in the fields of oral research, the center has worked with researchers like Prof. Piggot of Brigham University in the United States, who has always extended technical advice whenever contacted and Dr. Christine of Makerere University, department of chemistry. It is through such initiatives that two academic papers were prepared, discussed and presented in conferences.

·         The center has orgarnised successful historical tours, to expose students to historical facts through analysing artefacts still available. Tanda archeological site in Mityana, Nakayima in Mubende and Nyero rock paintings in Kumi are some of the sites visted and reports on their current status have been recorded.


The center through all  the MRU fraternity seeks to achieve all its stated objectives in the near future. Please vist the center for more information.


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