Economic and Business development

This theme constitutes one of the most effective mechanisms to build the MRU community engagement strategic pillar. The Faculty of Business and Management in particular will lead this research theme. The faculty seeks to engage and form partnerships, reach out and contribute towards sustainable development of the communities served by MRU. Fostering and developing collaborative partnerships between MRU and commerce, industry and the informal sector, for instance, between MRU and Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises (SMMEs), Uganda Marketers and Allied Employees Union (UMAEU), with a view to offering basic skills to the working class at different levels. The overarching objective of such partnerships is to write funding proposals or soliciting grants and partner in research activities, solely for the purpose of extending knowledge and skills to informal market workers. Research endeavours will focus on responding to community identified needs an providing a facilitative, coordinative and consultative function in terms of the aforementioned partnerships.