Mengo Campus
Mengo Campus
Masaka Campus
AR +256 750-887-738  / +256-775-424363 Marketing +256-754-811-368 Kakeeka - Mengo- Kampala City
AR +256 750-887-738 / +256-775-424363 Marketing +256-754-811-368 Kirumba- Masaka City

Application Procedure

The applicant presents his or her O’ level and A’ Level academic documents to academic Registrar’s office at any of our Campuses Kirumba Masaka or Kakeeka Mengo for verification by the admission board then given an application forms to apply on a given program following the instructions and given a payment code from bursars office to use when paying an admission fee of 40,000/= using mobile money or airtel money see payment methods

The admissions office submits candidates’ application to the admissions board to formally consider the applicants and admit them on the right study programmes / courses.

The Admissions Office then pins the list of successful applicants on the designated study programmes and also takes the initiative to inform the successful applicants by either mail or sms.

Then the applicants visit Academic Registrar’s office for to pick the Admission Letters as considered by the Admissions Board.

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