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Business Management & Administration


Message from the Dean

I take this opportunity to introduce to you Faculty of Business and Management (FBM) as one of the core pillars of the university with a focus on imparting business and entrepreneurial skills to our students who are pursuing their degrees, diplomas and certificates in business related courses. You will appreciate that we are in a world of globalization were business prosperity matters. Thus, at FBM, we designed appropriate and relevant training programs, courses and services that are specifically designed to propel both the people and organisations to achieve their goals and aspirations. In order to achieve this the faculty is guided by its vision, core values and objectives as shown here with


  • To be a school of excellence in the production and dissemination of knowledge and skills. We have a commitment to provide students with excellent programs empowering them to explore their creativity and innovation hence meeting the challenges of global business that lead them to greater horizons.

   Core Values

  • Tell the truth;
  • Be fair,
  • Keep your promise,
  • Respect the individual,
  • Resourcefulness and Encourage intellectual curiosity.


  1. To address the increasing demand for creativity and innovative manpower in the field of business and management
  2. To develop problem –solving and decision-making skills enabling future managers to identify, analyse and solve complex and unstructured problems.
  3. To develop management generalists with a broad operating knowledge of management concepts and practices who can adapt to a wide variety of organizations and environment.
  4. To provide opportunities for students and staff development and generation of knowledge for professional growth.
  5. To impart business skills in local communities for those engaged in small businesses.
Career Opportunities

The faculty runs by well qualified intellectuals of which are 43 lecturers and 3 teaching assistants. Students are trained to be reliable citizen in all spheres of life not only to pass Business exams but also equipped with entrepreneurial skills that will enable them develop and manage their own business.


The Faculty of Business and Management is one of the biggest Faculties in Muteesa I Royal University, in terms of number of students and members of staff. It offers undergraduate, diploma and certificate courses under the following Departments:-

  1. Generic Management and Entrepreneurship Studies
  2. Finance and Economics
  3. Procurement and Marketing
  4. Public Relations and Administration
  5. Community outreach