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Faculty of Science in Engineering, I.T,Industrial Art and Design

Dr. Bukenya Patrick

Dean Faculty of Science in Engineering, I.T, Industrial art and Design 

Dr Bukenya holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, Master of Science in Civil Engineering the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and B.Sc. (Hons) in Civil Engineering from Makerere University, Uganda. Dr Bukenya has taught postgraduate courses including Structural design of Retaining wall Structures, Structural Design of Foundation; undergraduate courses such as structural analysis, reinforced concrete design.

Dr Bukenya has published several articles in journals and in conference proceedings especially in the area structural health monitoring of structures. He is a reviewer of academic journals such as Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring, Journal of Rock Mechanics etc. Dr Bukenya has also gained considerable experience as a postgraduate supervisor at both the Master’s and doctoral levels.

About the Faculty 

The faculty comprises the Departments of Engineering, Information Technology, Art and Design. Two programmes of Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering were accredited recently by the NCHE. The University of Cape Town trained Dr Patrick Bukenya to provide research leadership in Civil Engineering at the MRU, focusing on the long-term integrity monitoring of concrete dams, walls and floors. Visual inspection is not effective in monitoring the real-time condition of a structure. Structural Health Monitoring techniques are necessary for ongoing monitoring to ensure they are still fit for purpose. Such aspects of value addition are steadily restoring the position of the MRU as the bastion of engineering solutions in the Greater Masaka region and beyond.
The Department of Information Technology, Computer Science and Software Engineering at MRU prepares a student for the rigours of the digital age, given that most industries depend on data and software programmes. The adequately equipped computer laboratories and specialised staff at MRU provide our IT students with a lifelong experience that prepares him/her adequately for the IT driven world.
Reawakening an imaginative and creative mind is one of the tenets of the programme in Art and Design. Recent studies have unravelled the link between this programme and engineering. Innovation and problem solving are derivatives of creativity – a highly sought after trait by employers. Specialised staff in Art and Design at MRU will guide a student along this lifelong learning trajectory.