The Masters of Arts in Mass Communication course offers an intensive and advanced programme of study that aims to provide students with an understanding of the current theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are essential for a career in mass communication practice with a global orientation or focus. This course will locate the study of mass communication practice within this wider context of patterns of changes and continuities, with a particular emphasis on the intercultural and global dimensions of these processes. It will prepare students to utilize traditional as well as new media platforms for mass communication practice aimed at a local and global public. Practical work is underpinned by a critical engagement with topical issues that bear on contemporary mass communication practice in an international context. The programme is offered on a two [2] year basis and on a semester basis. 

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission, a candidate must fulfill the general Muteesa I Royal University entry requirements for a master’s degree. That is to say; one should have;

  1. A postgraduate Diploma in Journalism or a related field from a recognized University or Institution;
  2. A Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication or a related field from a recognized University from a recognized University or Institution