Mengo Campus
Mengo Campus
Masaka Campus
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Mengo Campus
Mengo Campus
Masaka Campus
AR +256 750-887-738  / +256-775-424363 Marketing +256-754-811-368 Kakeeka - Mengo- Kampala City
AR +256 750-887-738 / +256-775-424363 Marketing +256-754-811-368 Kirumba- Masaka City

Faculty of Social Science, Arts and Humanities

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Welcome to the Faculty of Social Science, Arts and Humanities (FSSAH). Each academic year, FSSAH receives students from various walks of life and different regions of Uganda and the world. We shape them into critical minded fellows, innovators, transformative leaders and managers in the fields of tourism and hotel management, mass communication, guidance and counselling, development studies and social work. The teaching and learning programmes at FSSAH give students the knowledge and skills to contribute to society in these chosen fields of endeavour. The faculty encourages and promotes a world-class learning environment where teaching, learning and research take place in ways that are inspirational and innovative.

FSSAH provides an intellectually, socially and personally transformative experience that prepares students to be employable, innovative and enterprising. Equally, the faculty maintains links with the alumni. The faculty is proud of the diverse community of students and alumni engaged in various careers in many parts of the country and the world. FSSAH offers community-linked learning approaches through field work visits in the local settings where students participate as interns and identify research problems.

During my tenure as a dean of FSSAH, my main aim is to lead the Faculty of Social Science, Arts and Humanities in developing international collaborations for capacity building and into a dynamic unit that equips students with skills needed to influence the social, cultural and development practices and policies for sustainable development of Uganda and beyond.

I encourage you to come visit us and get to know the academic programs and to interact with lecturers who are dedicated to transformative teaching and perform edge-cutting research.

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To be a leading centre for knowledge and research generation on holistic approaches to social, cultural and sustainable development.


To foster an interactive environment for practical knowledge and research aimed at empowering staff and students to contribute to sustainable development in their local communities and change the global discourses.

General Objective

  1. To form a competent, vibrant and dynamic human resource with a deeper critical and analytical understanding of complex social, culture and development processes.
  2. To focus on planning, implementing, and designing programmes that will enhance equitable and sustainable development for society.

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Faculty Core values

  1. Professionalism
  2. Teamwork
  3. Integrity
  4. Research mindset
  5. Sustainability

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Specific Objectives

(i)         To provide high quality, and relevant practical learning aimed at empowering the faculty’s students with skills that help them solve complex social and cultural phenomena.

(ii)        To design a robust curriculum that stands the test of time in addressing the university’s key educational needs and plans.

(iii)       To produce a vibrant group of professionals who are innovative, enterprising and job creators ready to address the evolving challenges of society and the nation at large.

(iv)       Partnering with government, cultural leadership, civil society and other stakeholders in aligning national development goals with the Sustainable Development Goals.

(v)        To provide opportunities for student and staff development in the generation of knowledge for professional growth.