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Charter Receipt Ceremony

Theme: A Legacy of Excellence: Honouring Our Past, Shaping Our Future

On a historic day marked by grandeur and pride, Muteesa I Royal University celebrated the receipt of its charter in a spectacular event held in Kirumba. Themed “A Legacy of Excellence: Honouring Our Past, Shaping Our Future,” the event underscored the university’s commitment to academic excellence and its vision for the future.

Event Highlights

The celebration began with a grand charter procession through Masaka City, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere that brought together the university community and the residents of the city.

The ceremony was graced by an array of distinguished dignitaries, including:

  • Bishop Serverus Jumba
  • Bishop Katumba Tamale
  • Sheikh Sulait Ssentongo
  • Oweek. Nakate Kikomeko Cotilda, Minister of Education – Buganda Kingdom
  • Michael O. Wanyama (CPA), Executive Director, Higher Education Students’ Financing Board
  • Dr. Vincent Aloysius Ssembatya, NCHE Representative
  • Dr. Nakabugo Mary Goretti, Chairperson of MRU Council
  • Prof. Eli Katunguka Rwakishaya, Vice Chancellor – Kyambogo University – Keynote Speaker)
  • Chief Guest – The Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayega,

Speeches and Key Takeaways

The event featured inspiring speeches from various dignitaries, each emphasizing the importance of the charter and the bright future it heralds for the university. The keynote address by Prof. Eli Katunguka Rwakishaya was particularly powerful, highlighting critical points on the role of synergies in higher education, including:

  1. Sharing Laboratories: Enhancing research capabilities through shared resources.
  2. Writing Grants: Collaborating on grant proposals to secure funding for innovative projects.
  3. Lectures: Promoting academic excellence through joint lectures and knowledge exchange.

Prof. Katunguka emphasized that with the charter in hand, Muteesa I Royal University is poised to seize new opportunities and foster collaborations with other universities, paving the way for enhanced academic and research excellence.

In his speech, the Chief Guest, Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayega, inspired attendees by stating, “Come to this university to explore new horizons in both thought and action,” encouraging prospective students and stakeholders to join the university in its pursuit of knowledge and innovation.

A Bright Future Ahead

The charter receipt marks a significant milestone in Muteesa I Royal University’s journey, symbolizing recognition of its dedication to quality education and its potential to shape future generations. The university community is excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead and is committed to building on this legacy of excellence.

Join us as we honour our past and shape our future, continuing the tradition of excellence at Muteesa I Royal University.

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